Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Things kids say

Does your child still say something so incorrect but so darn cute that you cannot correct them? Savanah says popsicle like (Paw-sicle). I just can't tell her how to say it correctly even though she is 7. It is like the last remnant of her toddler days.

Billy didn't say vanilla right until he was 10! He said, "banilla". So cute!

When pleading her case the other night for a campfire Savanah's cuteness won her the coveted prize, she got her way. It was cool and damp. Not a great night for a campfire. We had already said no. But she came inside from playing with this sweet smile. She sat on our stairs facing Jeff and I.

She calmly asked, "Do you know what "chilled to the bone" means?" We both said yes. With that dangerously sweet smile and gleam in her eye she said, "so you know "chilled to the bone"? We again said yes. She said emphatically but not demanding, "I am not even chilled to the bone." "It really isn't that cold outside". "Can we please have a campfire?" Oh no there it is again that cute sweet smile the one that reveals a rarely seen dimple.

We caved. We had the campfire and even withstood a short drizzle.

Kids should learn this approach is much more effective then the commonly used tantrum. I suppose my kid is learning.

Smart Cute Cookie, she is.


Tuesday, March 30, 2010

First Camp Fire Of this Season

Tuesday March 30, 2010.

This past weekend we had our first "Camp Fire of the Season". All of the neighborhood kids were sooooo excited.

There is something magical about the smell of a campfire, the glow of the embers, the crackling of the wood. Making s'mores. My parents weren't fond of the outdoors. It's a wonder why I like camping and hiking, exploring so much. But I do and so do my children.

I am so grateful I get to share this magic with my children.

Lots going on today so this may be it for posting. Just enjoy the 70 degree day. Get outside!


Monday, March 29, 2010

Too Deep for a Monday

The other day Savanah asked what is religion?

hmmmm Jeff and I looked at one another. See we have a diverse family. We believe in God and so do our children. Him being Jewish. Me growing up Christian. We came up with this long drawn out story about different beliefs. How none are wrong or right. Who believes in Jesus. Who doesn't. Different names for this Supreme Being - God, Buddha, Allah, The Son, Father and Holy Spirit and many more.

So She asks Why did McKenna go to religion? ahhhhhh All that explanation and she was really wondering why her friend wasn't home. She had gone to religion class. Wow simple questions deserve simple answers.

But it opened up an interesting conversation in which Savanah asked how I knew there was a God. First I asked her how she knew there was a God? (just to make sure I understood the question) She said well look around. It couldn't have been said any better than that. So I said exactly! She skipped away happy as could be.

But it got me to thinking How could I explain how I know there is God.

When I looked into my newborn children's eyes I saw and felt God as if he handed them to me.

It made me think of my mother's face when she died. I have seen God. Or should I say I saw the reflection of God in her eyes. For hours she had been comatose with her mouth and eyes open (not seeing anything). As she took her last breath her mouth shut, her eyes cleared, she tilted her head to heaven, she looked upward and saw God. There is no doubt in my mind about the wonderful journey she was about to take with her creator.

Aside from that I get this weird almost scary sight. Almost like a dream. I can't make it happen no matter how hard I try. But occasionally for no reason I'll think of our life here on earth wondering the purpose of it all. For about 5 seconds I see something quite incredible. Unexplainable. A vision maybe. It's like I suddenly for a brief moment have the understanding we all seek. The Why of it all. It's peaceful, exciting, scary, lovely all wrapped up into one moment. It is as if I am seeing something I am not supposed to see. For as suddenly as it came it is gone. It is like God gave me a glimpse of heaven. I don't know why but he did.

Now Don't be committing me to a funny farm. Your children are safe with me.

"Have courage for the great sorrows of life and patience for the small ones; and when you have laboriously accomplished your daily task, go to sleep in peace. God is awake" -Victor Hugo

I am thankful for this vision, this confirmation of my faith.


Sunday, March 28, 2010

Sunday Meal Planning

Sometimes it works sometimes it doesn't.

Again the key to my organization plan is NO PERFECTION! Not allowed. No Guilt when it doesn't work.

When Meal Planning works it is a masterpiece. When it doesn't we call it "Punting".

Here is the how to:

  • Make a list of all the meals your family likes to eat.

  • On Sunday Morning update your calendar for the week. Any classes, appointments, dinners out, etc.

  • After that use your calendar to make a Meal Plan for the week. For instance on Karate days we know time is short. Jeff will make something easy and quick. Maybe a certain night we have dinner plans with his parents so no meal planning for that night.

Ours might look like this;

Mon- Spaghetti
Tues- Chicken Parmesan
Wed-Fettuccine Alfredo
Thurs- left overs (throw out after 4 days is the rule in my house)
Friday- Dinner with parents
Sat- Punt (this is left open for spontaneity, whatever Jeff feels like making that night.)
Sun- Grill out chicken

  • Then look at your list and make a grocery list checking your fridge and cabinets for ingredients you already have. Having used this system for a long time I can honestly say we rarely get fast food anymore, unless it is planned or the occasional oops forgot to thaw the hamburger meat. (Remember not reaching for perfection here) If you feel really inspired take your list of meals your family likes and make an ingredient list for each one that you could use every week.

Plans change, unexpected things happen so you have to be loose with this Meal Planning. Have some back up foods available like Stoffers frozen lasagna or we freeze Jeff's spaghetti sauce in great one meal containers.

Mealtime should be yummy and fun family time. Not a panic attack!
We eat dinner together as a family 95% of the time.

This writing has made me hungry. I need a snack!


Disclaimer: I don't like to cook. I have been truly blessed with a husband who loves to cook and he is a fantastic chef!

Friday, March 26, 2010

GrandKids WTH?

So with spring slowly arriving I have started a major declutter event in my house.

My method works fairly well. Whenever I find things that I don't want anymore (that I don't LOVE) I place those items in our spare bedroom. I go through drawers of kids clothes. The ones that don't fit anymore go into the spare bedroom. Once a week I go in there and price them for a garage sale I am having in summer. Yes I used to take to goodwill and sometimes I still do but hey times are tough. If I can make a little money then I can afford to replace the clothes that don't fit anymore with ones that do. I have done this all winter as well so now I have a closet full of stuff already priced and ready to go.

Any toys they don't want to play with anymore or are too old for I put in there too.

SO my husband drops this bombshell on me!!!! "Shouldn't you save those toys for our grandkids so they will have things to play with at our house when they visit."

So OH NO he's got me thinking. Even though Savanah never liked the game Operation, maybe her kids will. But all organization books and systems say if you haven't used it in a year let it go!!!

Now what the hell do I do. REALLY? REALLY save all these toys?????????

Grandkids????? My head is spinning.

Oh Gees

Undecidedly Yours,


Thursday, March 25, 2010

My Billy Boy

My darling young-man-child son. This is for/about him.

Last week his English teacher gave me an assignment. They are studying Romeo and Juliet and how it relates to modern times. Specifically the conflict between what a family wants for a teen and what a teen wants for himself. I was to write what qualities I would want for a daughter-in-law. Then I was to write what I think Billy would want in a spouse. He had to do the same thing and then we got to compare. The answers are in no particular order. This was fun. The answers are below.

I want in Billy's spouse:



Funny-sense of humor


Lighthearted-playful, fun





Gotta like your Mommy

What I think Billy wants in a spouse:




Music Lover

Rockin Body



Socially fearless


Gotta like my Mommy

What Billy wants in a spouse:






Can see from my point of view

Drug free

Understands me

Likes Music


What Billy thinks I want in a daughter-in-law:




Same age


Gets along with parents


Drug Free

Easy to make me embarrassed


I was impressed by Billy's answers. I will read this at his wedding. Hopefully his spouse will be everything we both want.

Hopefully Yours,

Hole in the Pants!


Hole in the pants.
Hole in the pants.
Lookin like a ho
with the hole in my pants!!!!

Okay so yeah. I went to Savanah's school for lunch today. Today was beach day. Fun music, kids dressed up for summer. Best of all we all sat on beach towels on the floor. I was sitting cross legged, old Indian style for those of us who were children before the PC movement. Now it's called criss-cross applesauce. Whatever.

Got home and low and behold I saw I had a hole in the crotch of my knit yoga pants. Gees luckily I was wearing underwear!

Oh Yeah Mom of the Year here!

Morning Arm Flubber

Good Morning Arm Flubber!!!!

What is this Arm Flubber I speak of? Flubber is a combination of the two words. Flab and blubber.

I get the immense pleasure of seeing these combined words on a daily bases gyrating as I vigorously wave in my front window at Savanah's bus as it drives away. I suppose all the children on the bus see this as well. My neighbors also if you're out and about check out my front window say 7:40 ish. I'll be there with a smile for my kido and a droopy rocking bicep. As the bus moves out of sight you will see a frown cross my face while I shake my head in disbelief. How and when did this happen?

Then I will turn to my computer and write about it.

Another funny story. Yesterday I went ice skating during the day at the local arena at the open skate. Usually when I have gone during the day you will see some home schooled kids or pre schoolers or even some oldies trying to get some exercise. NOT YESTERDAY!

Four REALLY YOUNG (teens) , TONED, PRETTY female figure skaters were there with their coach taking advantage of inexpensive ice time. They were awesome skaters, diligent, hard working, confident and WAY Snotty. They were very competitive with each other. Then oddly enough they were competitive with me as if I was some sort of threat. I found it amusing and sad. If I got in their way they would glare at me! EXCUSE ME "OPEN SKATE" Get out of my way. I spent all of my time with my headphones on just listening to my beat and watching them.

At one point when my headphones were off I skated around my little circle when one of the girls cut me off. Seeing as I have not been on ice in more than a year. Halting abruptly threw off my balance and I almost fell. The coach glared at the girl, smiled and apologized to me.

To which I said, "That is okay someday they will be fat and 40 too!" She laughed as I skated away. The rest of my skate I smiled as I pictured these girls as frumpy overweight housewives. It helped me to pass the time.

Still excercising!

Monday, March 22, 2010

I need My Tigger

Wednesday March 24, 2010

I am still loving to bounce. I still love Tigger and just to prove it. Here is my favorite coffee cup.
But today I actually need my Tigger. All I have to say is uuuggghhhhh.

Yesterday I spent my day in the midst of a battle in an ongoing war. And no I am not talking about Health Care Reform. Although that deserves it's own post. I'm sick of thinking about that and sick of hearing about it. I'm gonna steer clear of Political posts on here because well it just isn't fun and doesn't make me want to bounce. And to be brutally honest I don't want to hear anyone's opinion unless it matches my own. Way to go...... now that's the American Way!!

uuuuhmmmm Where was I? Oh yeah, Midst of a battle. This war involves my new lender (refinanced), my home owners insurance, the builder of my home, FEMA, the city of Elk River, the county of Sherburne, Westwood Professional Services and myself. I am stuck in the middle of this hopeless mix arguing about floodplains and flood insurance.

I have learned so many new acronyms I could scream. FIRM, FEMA, LOMA, LOMR, SFHDF, SFHA. These last two are the most confusing and to be honest I am not entirely sure I grasp their meaning yet. But I have incorporated my own interpretation, Warning, I curse when it is called for.

S hit, F--k, H ell, D amn, F--k (again), A ss. SFHDFA

And that is what I have to say about that. I am certain the battle will continue today with no end in site.

Wish Me Sanity,

Working Stuff Out

Well today is Monday March 22nd, 2010

I have been working a bunch of stuff out and these will be some seriously random thoughts.

First, I have been very running lately. (yeah not literally) Just running through life. Having a good time too. Enjoying Life, completely engaged. I see the results of my actions. I am happy, the kids are happy, my husband is happy. Things are truly looking up. Still having physical aches and pains but you know those aren't going to go away any time soon. If I wait for that I will miss a lot. That is not to say that I don't slow down when I know I need to. Pushing to the limit is going to create long term problems.

Speaking of problems. The other morning I jumped out of bed to see my "young-man-son" out the door to school. I don't care how old he gets he doesn't leave the house without a hug and "I love you". I grabbed a pair of socks in the dark.

Okay flash forward two hours later, both kids have left the building. They are at school I sit at the computer and have my breakfast and coffee. Something catches my eye on the floor. A small piece of paper. Then to my horror my feet catch my eye. Well, huh. I am not sure. I am just not sure. How did this happen? I pair up my socks before I put them in my drawer. Puzzled, perplexed, bewildered.

Must have been the sock troll. You know, the one that steals one sock from the dryer.

Speaking of the dryer. Got a load to take care of.

Seize today,


Thursday, March 18, 2010

imputer problems

I am having imputer (computer) problems. Please be patient as I drop my computer out the second story window!


Tuesday, March 16, 2010

St Patrick's Day Eve

Shame on me! Well I don't know if shame is the right word! But heck, I haven't posted in a few days. Not the plan!

The Sneaky Little Leprechaun will be visiting our house tonight. Every St Patrick's Day Eve, The kids (okay well Billy doesn't do it anymore) make a treasure box. Paint and glue beads on it. Draw on it. Along with many small construction paper green clovers. The Leprechaun then visits and leaves treasure in the box. The treasure is not large and may just include a few pieces of candy, some stickers, a green bead necklace. (all things that can be found at the dollar store.) The clovers leave a trail to where the leprechaun has hidden the box.

I love the magic children create. The magic is in their eyes. I remember one year the leprechaun stuck around all day hiding clovers. Billy would run around yelling all day so excited cause he found another clover.

You can't buy these moments. In fact these moments are the treasure.


Thursday, March 11, 2010

Oh Crap

No Really CRAP! I just picked up a winters worth of dog crap. Welcome to my personal HELL! The early rains revealed my crap filled yard. In between rain showers I cleaned up much poop. No not completely truthful....wet stinky slimy poop. I say again welcome to my personal hell!

The only thing that got me through was thinking how this could be a somewhat funny post and thinking of what I would say.

Well the poop is (was) sooooooo bad my dog shit in the house! She wouldn't go outside and poop! She crapped in the middle of my family room.

My dog poops twice a day. So from November to March 10 is a LOT of CRAP.

All done now. When the remaining snow melts my hubby is cleaning up the rest.

Gotta go!

Day 29 Thursday March 11, 2010 Office day

Reminder Today is Office Day!

Here is a how to post.

Remember if you do it once a week it will not become overwhelming. Just one hour once a week and you will never pay bills late again!

Lightening and Thunder

I just saw lightening and heard thunder for the first time in many many months. It is raining hard. I feel a nap coming on!
Generally I really like rainy days. You know April showers bring May flowers. I love to turn the radio off in the car and hear the rain hitting the windshield. Being cozy inside. Or the lovely colors of umbrellas. But folks even I am longing for some sunshine. We have had many a rainy day over the last week. However, on the positive side (remember how I like to take a negative and turn it into a positive) the rain helps the snow melt faster. The rain also helps wash away all the dirty streets from the long winter. I am more sick of snow than I am sick of rain. Not sure if that last sentence made much sense. Oh well. On the dark side when rain falls on snow there is always the risk of flooding. I'll hope that doesn't happen.

I have posted my routine on the right side of my blog. I continue to do most of those items on a daily basis. I think the exercise is starting to pay off giving me additional energy and maybe lightening my load. It feels good and I find I have less aches and pains. Give it a try. I love to stretch. I also love to bounce.

Well I have children to wake up and get out the door. So I am off and running.

Have a sunny (your disposition) day. As I tell my daughter as she leaves the house, play with kindness in your heart.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Randomly Neurotic

I hate lipstick! I like the way it looks. I hate the smell. I hate the taste. It makes me nauseous. There is only one kind of lipstick I have been able to stand. Even then I have to put Spearmint Blistex on before the lipstick. Well Here is my dilemma. They stopped making that kind. I have tried several other and nope. Yuck Gag me. hmmmmm What to do?

Anyways all is well except now I want to shake some sense into my other child. If it's not one its the other.

I am addicted to Farmville. I now have to limit myself to one hour of play time a day. I figured out why all these people are having trouble leaving farmville. It gives you an immediate sense of gratification. You can plant something and in 4 hours, 6 hours, 10 hours, 12 hours or 24 hours you have an entire crop ready to be harvested for fake coins. Wow. I planted a huge crop of corn and tada there are ears of corn. It also is a control thing for me.

There is very little in life that I actually have total control over. You know know what I mean. You mop the floor. The dog walks in with muddy paws. You put away clean clothes one rainy afternoon after several wardrobe changes. They are all wet and dirty again. You have a plan for the day and whamo sick kids. The toilet bowl is clean and then it is not. Get my cracked windshield fixed after a month bam rock hits the window. new crack! This is my life.


In farmville I control everything! NOBODY can mess up my farmville!! I get to organize it and reap the rewards. When I have finished I have a huge sense of accomplishment (but it is a fake sense of accomplishment since truly I did nothing but sit at the computer and click my mouse).

Versus for instance at home I cleaned the family room today. Dusted, vacuumed, put all the odds and ends away. Now there are two cups on the coffee table, toys strewn about, and socks discarded on the floor. So there you have it.

I gotta go farm!

Monday, March 8, 2010

Day 26 Monday March 8, 2010 Really Alive

Good Morning,
Today is Monday March 8, 2010 Day 26 of my posting project. I have posted most of those days and I am happy about that.

I am bored with posting my routine every day so I am not going to anymore unless there is a change. I may post it somewhere on here but not an everyday thing.

Today I want to fluff it up a bit. So here is some major fluff!

Following are the words written on a card I received many years ago from my brother and sister-in-law.

Really Alive
Live Juicy. Stamp out conformity. Stay in bed all day. Dream of gypsy wagons. Find snails making love. Develop an astounding appetite for books. Drink sunsets. Draw out your feelings. Amaze yourself. Be ridiculous. Stop worrying. Now. If not now, then when? Make yes your favorite word. Marry yourself. Dry your clothes in the sun. Eat mangoes naked. Keep toys in the bathtub. Spin yourself dizzy. Hang upside down. Follow a child. Celebrate an old person. Send a love letter to yourself. Be advanced. Try endearing. Invent new ways to love. Transform negatives. Delight someone. Wear pajamas to a drive in movie. Allow yourself to feel rich without money. Be who you truly are. Believe in everything. Your are always on your way to a miracle.
The miracle is you.

I found this card yesterday in a box. God sent it to me because I needed it.

Have a great day.

Friday, March 5, 2010

Fluffy vs Raw

I think of myself as fluffy. I like the fluff. Inspiring or funny quotes. Raindrops on Roses and whiskers on Kittens. You know the feel good stuff.

Stuff like this: In the dead of winter, I sit in my family room in the sunshine and drink a Mai Tai from a Tiki cup while listening to Bob Marley. I do, I have, I really do.

So for the most part I want this site to be well..... kinda fluffy. Not too deep. There are times like today however, when fluffy doesn't work for me. Above all else I want this to be real. Fluffy is often my reality but not today.

Today I am raw. Road burn raw. It's long and detailed and for me. So here it is.

Today is March 5, 2010.

My mom had MS for 30+ years. For many years the MS was not so bad that she couldn't live her life fairly normally. The last five years of her life the MS took everything from her. She suffered as her freedoms were taken away from her. No longer able to drive. No longer able to live in her home. Moved away from friends to live in assisted living. And finally moved from assisted living to a nursing home at the age of 64. Being of sound mind she knew exactly what was happening to her. She was living with people 20 years older than her who drooled and weren't of sound mind. Through these times my mom asked me several times why God didn't just take her. These were the darkest of days. Some days I asked God the same question. Some days I prayed God would take her.

To give this....I don't know what to call it.....story? To give this "writing" truth I need to add some things that are unpleasant. I loved my mother. But I didn't like her. She was not a truly nice person. She was demanding and selfish and often times rude ( there was no Please and Thank you). The older she became and more despondent over her situation the worse this became. She lost what little relationships she had with her children and almost everyone else. Except the unconditional love of her mother. Which is one reason I am so thankful they were able to live together the last year of my mom's life.

My mother never found joy in her entire life. I believe that because joy comes from your relationships....relationships with spouse, with family, with yourself and with God. Because of the person she was she never had these.

I was neglected as a child and still harbor sad feelings about this. Yes, I have been to therapy. My therapist told me three things that really helped me through these times. Some things are unforgivable. Only give to her what you can lovingly give. And because she continues to hurt you maybe you can't forgive her until she dies. Whew

I have been completely terrified all of my adult life, that I will become her. This fear transcends all other fears and continues to this day.

In January 2009, I suggested to my siblings maybe we should put our mom in hospice to help her get joy out of her remaining life. She could no longer see, wasn't eating, was aspirating liquids. She had just about lost her ability to move or control any part of her body. She was often confused. She didn't smile much. The only thing she had left was her hearing. Her quality of life was basically zero.

We all agreed. My understanding is when someone enters hospice you are pretty much saying we are only going to treat her for comfort. Any medications given are not to prolong life just make life more comfortable.

Heartland Hospice was great. They did for my mother what I could not give her lovingly. A music therapist came and sang to her. A preacher visited her. Extra nursing staff and volunteers came to see her. Admittedly my visits with her were short. I would stay as long as my mind and heart could take it. It was very comforting to know Heartland was there for her. I do think they brought her joy especially with the guitar and music.

About two weeks into hospice my mother started telling me about her visitors. Her husband, my father Joe, deceased for eight years. Her father, deceased for 20 years. Hospice told me this was not unusual. Who's to say? Maybe God sent them to comfort her and help her find acceptance.

In early March 2009 my mother developed a low fever. I remember sitting and answering the phone. My heart beat faster knowing this fever was probably caused by an infection. Could it clear without antibiotics? Was this the beginning of the end?

Within 48 hours it became clear. This was it. Her fever was very high. She was more confused and was refusing to eat. The date was March 4, 2009. I spent most of the day with my mother. I was asked if we wanted to do a chest x-ray and urinalysis to see where the infection was. I was told there was no reason to do this if we weren't going to treat with antibiotics. This is hard. At this point one of my sisters started to waiver. Urinary tract infections are so easy to treat. I was arrogantly steadfast in our decision for hospice (treat only for comfort). I think I even said to my own dismay, "What is the point?" I cringe at how insensitive I was to my sister and myself.

This day was March 5th, 2009. Exactly one year from today. By noon it was becoming apparent my sister from St Louis needed to come now. She was driving to Minnesota. This day is somewhat of a blur. I remember vividly some things. My mom trying to take a drink of water. She aspirated the water. It was awful to see her gasping and choking.

The most painful memory of that day was when the preacher came to pray with my mother and grandmother. My grandmother was watching her daughter die. I can't imagine that kind of pain when I think of my own children. She kept holding her daughters hand telling her to fight, fight this. The preacher asked my mom who was barely speaking if she was ready to go to heaven and see Jesus. My mother opened her eyes shaking her head and saying no. The preacher asking God to help my mom through this difficult journey to heaven.

I panicked. For all the times my mother had asked for God to take her. She wasn't ready to die. Had I asked my mom if she wanted to go into hospice? She wasn't ready to die. I was wrong. Was it too late to treat this? Could we save her now?

At one point she cried out, "Help Me. I need help." I will remember that until the day I die. It broke my heart. Then my Dr told me this. "Help doesn't mean medical cure. You were helping her." It still is a vision that gives me chills and breaks my heart all over again. It helps what Dr Oster said.

So one year ago Today I could have changed the outcome. At least temporarily.

But I didn't.

What I did do is I forgave her completely. The pain is still there. Everything still happened, I haven't forgotten. God bestowed upon me a magnificent gift. Without hesitation My heart forgave her. I don't know how but I do know why. I was able to love my mother unconditionally. The last day of her life I barely left her side. I laid on the bed with her. I provided every loving word and action in truth and honesty. This was genuine unconditional love.

One year later I still feel that forgiveness in my heart and it still rings true.


I have woken up this morning with a sad sense of dread, maybe even doom.

I was really looking forward to today. I was planning to pick up Savanah and her BF After school. Her BF usually goes to an after school program cause both parents work. Since her BF's Mom had to go back to work they don't get to spend as much time together. It was all arranged. Savanah was so excited. I was excited for her.

Then.......Savanah let her anger get the best of her. She is now grounded today. BF is not coming over. It's awful. I feel so sad for her. She is crushed. Grounding her was the right thing to do because in her eyes it is the worst punishment I could give to her. Her actions deserved this.

But her anger has gotten completely out of control. Jeff and I are at a loss of what to do. This is the third time she has been grounded this week. My child needs to play outside like she needs blood running through her veins. The outdoors is a huge part of her life.

I have wondered if I did something wrong in parenting. (I don't believe in spanking and never will.) I know I am not always consistent. I am definitely softer on discipline, although I am the one who grounded her this time taking away her special day. Often she has a ungrateful, sassy, bossy angry attitude. She can never be wrong, nothing is ever her fault, she has to have her way. My daughter is kind of being a bully.

Did I create this? Is it to late to change?

I guess if anyone is reading this, these question are rhetorical. Questions I need to ask. and Answer.

A little despondent,

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Day 22 Thursday March 4th, 2010 Errand day

Good Morning.

All is quite on the home front. A nice and welcomed change. I am feeling so much better. My son's school seems to have things under control. I am running fun errands today. Yeah.

Open your journal and write Day 22 Thursday March 4, 2010
  • Eat Breakfast (make a check mark)
  • Make your bed (make a check mark)
  • Random Bouncing (make a check mark) Write name of song and artist.
  • Act of Kindness: write down your act.
  • For me: write down what you did for yourself.
  • Exercise (make a check mark)
  • Negative: write down something crappy about your day.
  • Positive: Take that negative and turn it into a positive

Catch you later.


Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Safe and Sound

Not sure how to write about this. Some scary shit happening today!

Last week Billy school found a message written on a boys bathroom door. Saying the school was going to blow up on March 3rd. (Today)

This morning when the students entered the building they were all searched. Nothing of any concern was found. At around 10:30 a threatening phone call was received at the school. At 11:00 the school was quickly evacuated. Billy ended up at a church across the street.

Oh how I love my child and how well he knows me. Billy sends me the following texts.
7:21 am "Schools Checking bags 2day"
7:24 am "Ther was a bomb threat."
11:02 am ""Evacuatin school but im ok"

He knew I would freak out. I just love that he was thinking of me! A great kid no doubt.

So School was closed and I picked him up at the church across from the school. He is safe and sound and I am saying a thankful prayer.

Billy is acting all tough but I can tell it stressed him out. He's asleep on the couch. I think I'll go watch him sleep.


Day 21 Wednesday March 3, 2010 Not errand day

Good Morning,

Yes, Today would usually be my errand day. Tomorrow is Errand day for two reason, one necessity because of an appointment, two I'm not letting go of this beautiful spring like day. I'm switching it up. See the key to my funky little system is to be flexible without guilt. I have decided to stop saying "I should be doing this, that or the other." Reality is I'm doing what works for me on any given day. I do almost always stick to the Office day being Thursday. It works for me because it only takes one hour in a day so I can usually swing that no matter what wrenches are thrown into my day.

Open your journal and write Day 22 Wednesday March 3, 2010
  • Eat Breakfast (make a check mark)
  • Make your bed (make a check mark)
  • Random Bouncing (make a check mark) Write name of song and artist.
  • Act of Kindness: write down your act.
  • For me: write down what you did for yourself.
  • Exercise (make a check mark)
  • Negative: write down something crappy about your day.
  • Positive: Take that negative and turn it into a positive

Go out and soak up the day.


Tuesday, March 2, 2010

The Promise of Spring

March 2nd, 2010 It is not spring yet.

But I feel, hear and smell the promise of spring. It is beautiful.

On my walk down a tree lined path. I heard birds chirping. I felt the sunshine on my face. My shoulders did not feel the burden of a heavy coat. I finally saw wet brown grass now mixed with the dingy snow. A slight breeze refreshed me and did not bring a chill. I passed another who wore the same smile as me. I smelled melting dirt once again holding the promise of new life. I sat in the sunshine on my deck basking in the day. I heard the water constantly dripping from the melting winter.

This beautiful day, this beautiful promise of spring will sustain me and give me the strength to wait for the first shades of green and buds of spring.


Day 20 Tuesday March 2, 2010

Good Morning
Feeling a little better today. I hope I'm on my way out this pit of despair! Okay that was too dramatic even for me!

So today for my exercise (why do I always want to spell exercize with a Z) I am going to go for a walk. It will be 40 degrees and sunny here in Siberia. woo-hoo I decided on days it is 40 or above, sunny and no wind I am going to walk. That will equate to probably two days in the month of March. Yikes I am a pessimist today.

Open your journal and write Day 20 Tuesday March 2, 2010

  • Eat Breakfast (make a check mark)
  • Make your bed (make a check mark)
  • Random Bouncing (make a check mark) Write name of song and artist.
  • Act of Kindness: write down your act.
  • For me: write down what you did for yourself.
  • Exercise (make a check mark)
  • Negative: write down something crappy about your day.
  • Positive: Take that negative and turn it into a positive

Quote for today is from the book "Really Important Stuff My Kids have Taught Me By Cynthia L Copeland "Once you're wet it doesn't matter how much more you get rained on."

Have a shinning day!


Monday, March 1, 2010


Okay Glad I got that out of my system.

I am going to be honest in that I am not happy right now. I am having a flare of Mixed Connective Tissue Disease. This is really not fun. It causes bad joint pain and fatigue, got a rash too. Tried to get an appointment with my rheumatologist but no openings til April 12th!!!!!!! Holy cow Although I would like him to run blood tests, do x-rays and make med adjustments during a flare, I sure hope it doesn't last until April 12th.

I look like a freak with wrist guards on both my arms! Oh yeah, this sucks. I've tried for like the last week to just buck up, not complain, keep moving but alas today all the BS caught up with me.

So I am going back to the couch. No more posts today.

In recovery mode

Day 19 Monday March 1, 2010 I'm back

Good Morning,

I'm back after my two day Hiatus. Saturday my Honey's birthday was great. I set up a treasure hunt which took us to a gas station, a restaurant, a grocery store and a neighbors house. More about that later.

However, today I would like to go back to bed and have a redo. This morning was not stellar. I would like to U-Turn and go back to where the road got bumpy.

For now here is my routine list.

Open your journal and write Day 19 Monday March 1, 2010

  • Eat Breakfast (make a check mark)
  • Make your bed (make a check mark)
  • Random Bouncing (make a check mark) Write name of song and artist.
  • Act of Kindness: write down your act.
  • For me: write down what you did for yourself.
  • Exercise (make a check mark)
  • Negative: write down something crappy about your day.
  • Positive: Take that negative and turn it into a positive.

A post later today about ungrateful children. uuggghhhhh MINE

Turn it around!