Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Up the Ante

Upping the ante

Upping the Anxiety. I mean Upping the Anxiety Medication!

This is the time of year all of the excitement happens. Even the weather is cooperating with this change and excitement. Temperature right now - a crisp and windy 59 degrees with a bright blue sky.

Fall --mmmm I love it.

But suddenly the lazy days of summer are numbered. Nothing to do has been left behind.

So what all happens in fall? You ask. Where do I begin!?

First and foremost I go from being the mother of one 7 year old back to being the mother of two. One of which is a teenager! Need I say more. Well over the summer I certainly didn't stop being Billy's mother. However with his trip to CT I was not responsible for him on a daily bases.

Next I will no longer be the mother of a 7 year old. She will be 8 on August 30th! Birthday party prep is in full swing.

Then let's not forget the fun and excitement of the state fair. Opening day is tomorrow and we will be there. We are state fair junkies. LOVE IT!

Oh then the dreaded and anticipated first day of school. Dreaded by the kids. Anticipated by the parents! Lots to do still for school supply prepping. Have to be prepared on the first day! Not to mention trying to get back into a regulatory bedtime schedule. uuuggghhhh

Decorating the house for fall! Beautiful but a lot of work.

Then we have the annual fall trip up to Lutsen. A much needed break from the first few weeks of school.

Next my honey and I will celebrate our 9 year anniversary. Can't believe it has been that long. I am still so in love!

Trips to Sever's Maze! Love it!

Our favorite Pumpkin Pickin Farm. Fabulous!!

Then Oh MY!! My sweet baby bootie boy turns 16. Oh where has the time gone?!

Then the hallowed Halloween! Costume prepping.

Just about the time for Thanksgiving I will start freaking out about Hanukkah and Christmas! Oh Joy!

I just counted and I have 19 exclamation points in this post! Oops 20 now.

And that is fall - an exclamation point. Does that explain it?! 21

Picked My Pepper

Long time no blog.

Well I've been feverishly writing my book. Chapter 8 Very Rough Draft Done, 12,000 words done. Too late to back out now. Gotta finish. It would be nice to make money writing which I have found is my passion.

But this is about my other passion. Gardening. This is also a new passion of mine. I set out this spring to grow something I could eat!! And I have succeeded!

This is a picture of my red pepper just moments actually seconds before I picked it. Then I ate it! It was yummy. I have also been eating my chives and using my lemon balm in my tea. I am feeling quite accomplished.

I am already planning next years garden with a dramatic increase of space. More planter boxes. Don't worry honey. It may be work to build the boxes but it means less grass to cut.

Enjoy your day!

Thursday, August 12, 2010


Is this awesome or what? I bought this expression from my friend Tracy through Uppercase Living. I painted the wall. Jeff and I put it on without causing any bodily harm!

I so dig it.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Insane Beauty

Hey all, long time no blog-ing. Well I hope to become more regular when school starts. Regular in all meanings of the word. I still enjoy blogging but I am taking a swing at writing a book. Can't do both with kids home during summer. So sorry but for now blog posts will be random.

But I couldn't pass this one up. See these pretty plants below. I have planted them two years in a row right in this very spot. People always comment about how beautiful they are. And they are.
Several people have said they are so beautiful that they almost look fake. They are not.

In the past I have loved them. All of the neighborhood kids congregate on this sidewalk near my front door. These are perfect because although they are pretty red flowers they don't attract bees. Perfect. They have no smell. Here is a close up.

Aren't they incredible? So here is the insanity. Look closely at this picture. See the black spot in the middle? That is a fly...... which would be okay. Except at any given time during the day these plants are covered with them. An insane amount of flies. Like 15 per plant. A freakin nightmare for someone with pteronarcophobia. (a fear of flies) I may be developing this phobia. This is freaking me out. Since they are near my front door flies keep getting in my house.

This has never happened before. Why is it happening now? Can someone find the answer? Is there a floriculturist out there?
These plant have 24 hours then I am chopping them down.
All I can say is ewe.