Tuesday, May 24, 2011

The Last is Very Stubborn

My weight loss journey has been successful in many ways. One of which I have taken 1 year to lose 15 pounds. In order to do this and not backslide (at least too much) I have changed my habits. A slow steady progression.

The problem is this, my goal was to lose 20 pounds.

The last 5 pounds have been stubborn as a mule! I have increased my exercises. I have decreased my calories. and

Nothing. I am stuck 5 pounds from my goal. Maybe I should increase my goal to 25 pounds and trick those 5 pounds into thinking they are not the last 5 pounds. A psychological trick? hmmm

Okay I'll do it. My new goal is 10 additional pounds. I'll re-set that goal for September 15th. Why that date? I don't know.

resort to drastic measures

Okay, mark, get set, go.