Sunday, May 15, 2011

Where Have I Been?

I've been quiet lately. Where have I been?

In the Land of Unmotivated, Iowa. Sorry to any Iowans. I am sure there are lovely parts of Iowa but well my experience driving through on my way to Missouri has been less that stellar. Two camera speeding tickets once on the way there, once on the way back. However, I do love driving through Cedar Rapids Iowa simply for the smell of Oatmeal. What am i talking about? There is a big factory for Quaker Oats in Cedar Rapids Iowa and when you drive through it smells Divine.

So truthfully have I been in Iowa? NO

I think after my long experiment with winter blogging I lost some inspiration. Yeah, winter can do that to you for sure.

So Now what? What is happening in my life?

Billy is finishing his classroom portion of Driver's Ed today. Oh Lordy. After today he can take the test to get his permit. Mercy!

Two questions:

Question number 1.How did the time go by so fast? Last night Billy told me, "Hey you know I will be able to vote in the next Presidential election?" WTH? I tried to argue with him but alas he was right. The 2012 Presidential election he will be 18, just turned 18. Do you think we will vote for the same person? Hmmm

Question number 2. How will this child of mine with the attention span of a gnat be able to drive with said attention span? just kidding but he is easily distracted. scary!

Let's see..... what else? My beautiful world has once again turned vibrant green.

I am thinking on and working on an outline to another book. This one would be completely fiction.

I was also thinking of writing a story based on my grandmother's (Pama) life.

So my question the other day of facebook was: Can you call yourself a writer if you have never had anything published?

I received positive affirmation that YES you can. I like this particular answer: When you become published you then call yourself an author. WORKS FOR ME.

So I am no longer a "housewife" (EWE) and no longer a "homemaker" (blech). I'll keep my volunteer status. You know I am President of the "ISD #728 Competitive Cheer Squad Booster Parent Group." But now I add "writer". Can you call yourself a writer if you always mispell receive? I mean recieve. oops no I meant receive.

Thank God for spellcheck! I could probably use a "random useless content checker" too!

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