Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Happiness # 8 - Happiness doesn't make you Happy

Ingredient # 8

Happiness Doesn't make you happy.

What???? I mean just because you are a happy person that doesn't mean you will be happy all of the time.

I could see some people (myself!) slipping into a unflattering position here. So I have a bad day and I am not happy. I failed. I must not be a happy person.

A constant state of happiness doesn't exist and who the hell would want to be around that person anyways!! It is just like light doesn't exist without dark.

Contrast is necessary. Just as truth is necessary.

And the truth is Life is an organized mess, fraught with difficult decisions that seamlessly change us. Life is filled with magic and miracles, disasters and disease, fantasy and reality.

To truly live you must believe in the possibilities and live within reality. You must grow and change.

To experience all that life has to offer the good and the bad, happiness and sadness in truth and not allow yourself to dwell in either of those realities.

Oops, this is my last post on Happiness. And I am happy about that. It is several weeks late. Enjoy


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