Thursday, May 19, 2011

My Honey's Back

My Honey has been gone three days now and has returned! I tell you...and I have said it before... Things just aren't right without him.

I know lots of women who's husbands go out of town often for longer periods of time. Kudos to them. I am not sure how they do it! I guess I mean I am capable but I'm pretty darn close to miserable when he is gone!

The sun shines a little brighter for me during the day when I know I get to see him that night!

My husband is a "night owl" and I am a "morning dove". We like to go to bed together but my honey is not ready to sleep. So he watches movies on his zoon with headphones while laying in bed. At the end of a long day I know I can open my eyes while I lay in bed and see him. The light from the Zoon shinning on his face. I'll feel the bed shake as he chuckles. It is then that I experience the most cozy comfortable safe feeling I have ever known.

Love you Honey,

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