Monday, May 16, 2011

It's Coming!!! 40

June 2nd!! It's coming!! Just around the corner! No way around it! No escaping it! Can't hide from it! Can't run from it! Can't skip it! Can't pass! Yup it is inevitable!

June 2nd, 2011. That very day I'!

What comes with being 40? What are the consequences? The difference between 30 and 40?

More aches and pains.
More wrinkles and veins. (varicose, that is)
More gray hairs
More "Who is that there?" (vision's going too)

More "turn it down"
More Dr. appointments
to make me frown.
More things to make me laugh
most often at myself!

My gait may be slower but now it is more confident.
I now realize how important it is to slow down and fully experience the things that matter.

More patience
More confidence
More intelligence
More knowing who you are
More accepting who you are
More liking who you are

Not only do you stop "sweating the small stuff" but I am told, You start to not give a shit about the small stuff. You are no longer consumed with what people think of you, your outfit, your hair, your words, your actions. You are so comfortable in your own skin there is no need to "be cool". That in itself makes you OH SO COOL!

So although I can see the changes of time and age. And I won't lie, they do bother me. I am also looking forward to what comes with age,


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