Wednesday, May 18, 2011

The Q-Tip Miracle

In 1997 I was a single parent making a measly $20,000 a year. Living in a moderately crappy two bedroom apartment.

I was always one stumble from eviction. I was frugal to say the least.

The food I purchased was only the necessities. In fact I went to the grocery store every two weeks with my calculator. When I hit $25.00 worth of groceries I was done shopping. It was rough. My family helped me a lot. My sister would show up with the occasional bags of groceries.

It was a lesson for both Billy and I in restraint, persistence and suffering. We survived this poverty. We even thrived.

We were helped often with small miracles from God. This particular miracle may seem small but it filled my heart every day with faith.

Is there anything that feels as good as cleaning your ears with a Q-tip? Well okay maybe one thing. ;) Everyday as I was getting ready for work I would take a deep breath and walk to the hall linen closet.

Maybe?....Just one more time? I hoped. I would open the door of the closet and pull out the basket and begin my search. For months I had been out of Q-tips. I was unable to buy more because of lack of money. So each day I dug through the basket of miscellaneous toiletries and where the Q-tips used to be. The Q-tip container had been thrown away long ago when it was empty.

Everyday I was surprised to find just one more loose stray Q-tip. I thought it was magical. I was working so hard to make a good life and provide for Billy. Truthfully the never-ending supply of the eternal Q-tip was a miracle.

Keep your eyes open and watch for the small miracles in your life.

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